Sarah’s Story

 In Testimony

The thing that made me think about having abortion is that my circumstances were not good, because I had one son already and I had nowhere to live, and no financial support from anywhere. So that’s why I was very stressed out. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep another child in my life. That’s why I went for an abortion.

The abortion clinic I went to, they did not offer my any help, they just asked me to go for the procedure straight away.  I decided to take a minute to think about it though because it was a very difficult decision for me.

So when I came outside there was someone from the Good Counsel Network there and they asked me why I was wanting to have an abortion  so I explained my situation . They said to me that they would help me in every step with whatever I needed and were very kind to me. I went to the help centre with them and offered practical support.

If someone from Good Counsel was not there that day I would have been on the road [homeless] and I could have aborted my child. I would have been in depression so badly and regretting my decision.

I feel that my baby is a blessing from God; that God used the Good Counsel to give me this blessing.

Because of them, today my child is smiling in front of me and I’m very happy.

The Good Counsel should give a leaflet to everybody.

Note: This testimony uses a pseudonym to preserve the identity of the woman involved.