PRESS RELEASE: Mothers launch campaign to stop ban on help outside abortion clinics

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Mothers helped by vigil members outside abortion clinics have today launched a campaign against the introduction of censorship zones that would ban help for women outside abortion facilities. They are being supported by women who have volunteered to help those who want to keep their children but have no help available to them.

As part of the launch, three women have gone public with their stories in a video launched today ( where they tell of the immense pressure they faced to go ahead with a termination; how they were helped by vigils outside an abortion clinic; and why they are calling for the public to oppose censorship zones (commonly referred to as ‘buffer’ zones).

Many more women helped by vigils have shared their own personal stories on the website.

The Be Here For Me campaign is asking members of the public to show their support by visiting where they can email their MP asking them to oppose the introduction of censorship zones around abortion facilities.

Alina, who was supported outside an abortion clinic in central London said:

“What kind of society refuses help for a vulnerable woman? My little girl is here today because of the real practical and emotional support that I was given by a group outside an abortion clinic in Ealing. We have launched the Be Here For Me campaign so that our voices can be heard. We are inviting the UK public to come, hear our stories and then stand with us against any attempts to ban support for women like me outside abortion centres.

Jaceline, who was supported outside an abortion clinic said:

“My daughter means the world to me. It is really upsetting to know that people are actively trying to ban the offering of support like I received outside the abortion clinic. If censorship zones are brought in, many women who are in similar situations to me will be forced into going ahead with abortions they don’t want.

Elizabeth Howard, who supports mothers outside the Ealing abortion centre said:

“Some women come to abortion centres not wanting an abortion. They deserve to be able to get practical help if they want it.”

Clare Carberry, who supports mothers outside abortion centres said:

“Surely even a pro-choice person can see that denying the offer of help to women who have none is a profoundly anti choice move. I encourage the comfortable classes to move out of their own safe space. Meet these women, hear what they have to say. Their stories would make the stones weep.”


  • To find out more about the Be Here For Me campaign visit
  • The Be Here For Me campaign launch video is available here ( to use for embedding and is available for re-use in media articles. Please contact us for access to original files.
  • Additional testimonies from women who have been helped outside abortion clinics are available here:
  • To arrange a media interview with one of the campaign’s spokespeople, please contact or phone 074 2701 8218.
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