Natasha’s Story

 In Testimony

My name is Natasha (changed here to protect identity), I have been going out with a guy for 4 years now, and a lot has happened in that time, having been doing several abortions for him which I wasn’t in support with. We broke up last year in November, and he told me he is sorry for everything he has done to me. So we came back together and I found myself pregnant again, I told him and he asked me to do another abortion again. He took me to several appointments at the Marie Stopes Clinic in Leeds. I was able to keep it 5 months so we were able to book an appointment at the Manchester Centre.

We both went there and they start there procedures and asked the nurse to show me the scan, she refused and said that she would print it out for me after the treatment, they took me to the first treatment room, so as they were about to give me injection, I got scared and heard a voice saying to me don’t do it. I refused and the doctor was really angry with me. And I told him he cannot force me to do it. So I came outside for about three hours while he was sleeping in his car. After three hours getting ready to walk towards the car I saw the pro-life people and they talked to me and encouraged me. They gave me some leaflets that got all their details on. So when things got really hard and I needed someone to talk to, so I called and start talking to a lady called Aileen.

Cheats, pretense, deceits, lies, a whole lot. After all these I was able to have my bouncing baby boy. So cute, hairy, and gorgeous, so blessed to have him. Can’t stop looking at him

Note: This testimony uses a pseudonym and stock portrait photo staged by a model to preserve the identity of the woman involved.