Isabel’s Story

 In Testimony

When I was pregnant, I was lost, confused, I didn’t know what to do. At that particular point in time the only thing which came to my mind was just “Let me terminate the pregnancy”.  So that is why I went to BPAS to terminate it.

I was worried because I was on my own. I didn’t know what to do any more.  How will I take this pregnancy from here, then from there how will I keep my baby? So those were the things coming through my mind at that time.

When I got there I met a lady outside the abortion clinic. She greeted me, offered me a leaflet and I decided to talk to her. I was lost, I didn’t know what to do with the pregnancy. She asked me why I was there and I told her everything. She was like “If there is any way I could get support for you, would that put you in a position where you felt you did not have to terminate the pregnancy” and I said “Yes, if I am able to get the support, I do want to keep this baby”. So I was assured.

I was about to go homeless because at the time I was living with my brother. The Good Counsel Network supported me with accommodation. When I had my baby they continued to support me with all the baby items, with financial support, everything I needed to start my life all over again. Not just for myself now but for my baby as well.

If there was no one outside the clinic I don’t think I would have kept the baby. But me going there on that particular day and meeting someone to reassure me, to encourage me, let me know they were going to be there from that stage, all through my pregnancy and when my baby  was delivered.

And I’m happy now that I met someone at the clinic that day, because I can’t imagine what I would have been like that if I had not met the woman there I would have terminated the pregnancy. Seeing my baby now, I’m so happy that I met someone that very day.

Groups should be allowed to offer support outside abortion clinics. I know from my experience that when people are lost and in position where they don’t know what to do, they really feel their only option is terminate the pregnancy. These groups come to people’s aid, giving them the support they need and  let them know they have other options and don’t have to feel they are going to be forced into going ahead with a termination because they believe there are not other viable ways forward for them. So they should be allowed to offer support outside the abortion clinics and anywhere else they can talk with people and reassure them.

Note: This testimony uses a pseudonym to preserve the identity of the woman involved.