Dee & Robert’s Story

 In Testimony

The thing that made us think about abortion is that we were not married at that time, and we had to think about it, and we had to think of everything, like our culture and going back to the country and having a marriage.

The abortion clinic did not provide us with any help, they were just rude, the sisters, the nurses and they didn’t explain anything to us about the abortion, nothing, what  the side effects would be or anything else.

If Good Counsel were not there  that day then we would have gone inside and done the horrible thing.  People in situations like we were in need more support from other people, because some people say the baby doesn’t exist, but here as you can see, the baby is in my hands and is playing and we are happy about it!

The Good Counsel should be allowed to stay outside the abortion clinic, as they are very helpful, because most teenagers don’t know the mistake they are doing when you have someone who can help you out, they will really think about it.

It is a very special thing to have a baby at a young age because one day, when we grow older, we will be proud of our son,  walking hand-in-hand with us; travelling somewhere and visiting some holy places. I was always a bad boy before, and then I suddenly changed because of my baby boy, and many things have changed! It’s a life changing game, when you see your own baby. It’s better to stop doing abortions completely . As you can see, we are still young, just 22, but still we are happy.

If you do an abortion, it’s can be really horrible, because once you do it, your relationship can suffer. If you have a baby, at least the baby is going to help you grow more stronger. I know it’s very difficult to raise a baby, but you’re going to have great happiness in your life, it’s worth it.

Note: This testimony uses a pseudonym to preserve the identity of the woman involved.