Richmond Consultation

Richmond Council are consulting on a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) that would criminalise offers of help and prayer outside the BPAS centre on Rosslyn Road.

The most effective way to respond to Richmond’s consultation is through their online portal. Below is an easy reference guide that highlights the most important questions in the consultation, along with justifications and  suggested responses where applicable. These are only suggested responses, and you are free to respond to the consultation however you see fit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not have to answer every question in this consultation (aside from providing your postcode) so where you aren’t sure how to respond to a question, you do not have to comment and can leave the answer blank.

This guide intentionally skips a number of questions (sometimes whole pages) to focus on the main issues raised by the consultation, but you are entirely free to answer whichever questions you are drawn to.

I agree to Be Here For Me using this response anonymously as part of their Be Here For Me campaign to prevent censorship outside abortion clinics.

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